Allow me to share with you a tale.


A story of a boy whose dreams came true.
What took place was so unexpected that he found it difficult to comprehend for some time. 

It all began in the year 1927 near the country town of Stirling Gate, when something extraordinary happened. 
A mysterious group of travelers invited him to join them on a journey. 
A quest that would change his life forever!

What took place was so amazing he started keeping a journal.


This series is based on that journal.

He is Buster Bill, and these are his Adventures!




1927 Time Machine 

The year was 1927. It was a sunny day in the middle of winter. Buster Bill walked along the country road on an errand for his grandma. He could hear the birds chirping in the distance, and the wind whispering through the trees. It was an unusual day for that time of year. As he plodded along the road to the top of the hill, he could smell freshly baked bread. He knew then it was only a few more minutes until he would reach the town of Stirling Gate. The town sat snuggly alongside a river in the base of the valley. From the hilltop he could see the tall trees lining the river, which wound its way down from the nearby mountains. He could hear the people coming and going, all enjoying the sunny winter’s day. As Buster approached the corner store, he noticed a brand-new automobile parked out the front. It was blue and silver, with dark red seats. Wow! he thought, as he looked at the new machine. Buster really liked machines and was always trying to make his own inventions. He wished one day to have his own automobile. Buster climbed the steps in front of the store, brushed off his boots and opened the door. The doorbell rang as he entered. His grandpa, who owned the store, stood at the counter and warmly greeted him. Buster approached the counter and stood up on the wooden step. This nearly made him as tall as a grown up. He handed his grandpa the shopping list and looked around the store. Over by the coffee machine he saw a man and lady. They were grinding coffee. Both of them were wearing very smart clothes that were different from what Buster was used to seeing on the locals. He noticed the man had a very handsome cane. It had a silver top that was surely made from a precious and rare metal. He was certain of it. Perhaps from the moon... or another world entirely! 




Alien World 

Buster scratched his head as he stood with his loyal dog and new friends on the landing at the Abjanoy spaceport. Buster was on another world, an alien world! 

He could see so many unusual beings and fascinating machines. He felt so excited. What an adventure! Seth Raden put his hand on Buster's shoulder and asked what he thought. Buster nodded slowly, trying not to blink and miss anything.

“Unbelievable!” he replied, looking out over the great city in front of them. Buster was still trying to come to terms with such a huge change. He was from a very small country community. Rascaletti smiled warmly with her eyes, reassuring him he would be ok. Buster looked puzzled as he heard a loud garbled voice.

“What was that?” he asked.

“That my friend, was the controller of the spaceport,” Seth replied.

“I didn’t understand a word, he said!” Buster continued.

“Ah, yes, follow me Buster,” Seth responded. 

Buster thought Seth was an unusual man but liked him all the same. He had a very interesting way about him. He was quite a tall man and wore beautiful clothes. He reminded Buster of the big brother he never had. Buster followed Seth through the crowd of many different alien beings and stopped at a large glowing ball. Seth looked at Buster and then reached out his hand toward the sphere. A strange light came from the centre towards his hand. Seth smiled and encouraged Buster to do the same. Looking at Rascaletti for approval, Buster stepped forward as she nodded.

“It’s okay Buster,” she said supportively.

Buster reached out his hand toward the sphere. As he did his hand instantly attracted light from the centre. Cautiously he rested his hand on the glass like surface. It felt warm. A glow surrounded his hand. Buster watched as a stream of light and what he could only describe as miniature lightning, gently enveloped his hand. 

A tingling sensation ran through his entire body.

“Wow!” he said, noticing the absence of electrical shock.

“Listen Buster,” Seth said, as he pointed to his ear.




BUSTER BILL - Book Three
Tillkoo Mountains 

With a clunking sound the walkway extended out from the side of Seth’s time machine. The awkward motion was accompanied by a burning smell and smoke that quickly impaired Buster’s vision. Seth suggested they exit the craft with much alacrity, which Buster thought was a very good idea. A small fire had started within the engine bay and was only getting bigger. Buster looked back toward Seth’s poor old craft. He could clearly see flames coming out of the external vents. 

      “Poor old thing,” Seth said quietly to himself, looking back and shaking his head.

Buster looked up at Seth, who had a sad look on his face.

      “Sorry about your time machine Seth,” he said consolingly.

Seth looked at Buster and smiled. 

      “We’ve had a lot of good times together,” he said.

Buster looked around the hanger bay as a fire crew attempted to put out the fire. 

      “Well, that’s the end of that. Looks like we may be here for a while,” Seth said chirpily. 

Buster asked where they were heading next. Seth explained it would be a good idea to get their sleeping quarters sorted out and freshen up a bit before they went and saw Queen Etti. Buster was looking forward to seeing her again. She had a very unique way of making people feel very calm. He thought how much he admired her as they walked through the busy hanger bay. All around them were many strange alien beings. The sight was similar to when they landed at the Spaceport on Abjanoy. 

      As they walked out of the hanger bay, Buster was taken back by the view. They had stepped out onto a rather wide walkway that encircled a huge rock that resembled a giant diamond. It was enormous. As they stopped to look at it, Seth explained that it was ettinatia stone and was the power source for the city. The stone  gave off a slight glow and warmth that Buster found hard to describe. He looked down over the balustrade that encircled the huge stone. There were many floors below and above him that were teeming with activity. Buster turned around to notice a couple of tall beings talking to Seth. 


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